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Saturdays at 2Artists and educators engage children with dramatic renderings of books through the Creating Readers Saturdays at 2 program.

The goal is to link literacy to hands-on activities, to read a book that children connect to a real-life event in which they are players, a book that deepens that experience for children, a book that they can carry with them, a book that they are invested in reading because it evokes memories of a place where they are empowered and engaged learner.

Each week, a book will be chosen which integrates reading with the museum's exhibits.

Saturdays at 2 is funded in part by the NewAlliance Foundation
NewAlliance Foundation

Saturdays at 2 - April 2017

April 1
   About Mammals by Cathryn Sill
   with Cindy King Animal Show on the Go sharing a live mammal

April 8
   Farmer's Market by Carmen Parks
   with George Melillo -- Musician

April 14 & 15
   closed for the holiday

April 22
   Call Me Tree by Maya Christina Gonzalez
   with Museum Staff celebrating Earth Day!

April 29
   How Kind by Mary Murphy
   with Lisa Kinsman ASL Interpreter, Celebrate Week of the Young Child, Children are FREE