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Parent Resources

At the CT Children's Museum, we are committed to supporting not only children but also their families. Our Parent Resources section is designed to provide valuable information, tools, and support to help parents foster their children's development and enrich their family life. Explore the variety of resources we offer to ensure you have everything you need to nurture your child's growth and learning.

Library Shelves

Educational Materials

Access a wealth of educational materials designed to support your child's learning at home. From activity sheets and lesson plans to educational videos and reading lists, our resources cover a wide range of topics and are suitable for various age groups. These materials are developed by our experienced educators to complement our museum exhibits and programs.


Parenting Workshops

Join our parenting workshops to gain insights and practical tips on various aspects of parenting. Led by experts in early childhood education and child development, these workshops cover topics such as positive discipline, fostering creativity, and supporting emotional development. Our workshops provide a supportive environment for parents to learn, share experiences, and connect with others.

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Child Development Guides

Understand the different stages of your child's development with our comprehensive guides. These resources offer detailed information on physical, cognitive, social, and emotional milestones from infancy to early childhood. Learn what to expect at each stage and discover activities and strategies to support your child's growth.

All Hands In

Community Resources

Discover a network of local resources and services that can support your family's needs. From childcare options and educational programs to health services and family-friendly activities, our directory connects you with organizations and professionals in the Greater New Haven area. Stay informed about local opportunities that can enhance your family's well-being.

Support Group Circle

Support Groups

Connect with other parents through our support groups, where you can share experiences, seek advice, and build a community of support. Our groups cover various topics, including parenting children with special needs, single parenting, and balancing work and family life. These groups provide a safe and welcoming space for parents to discuss their challenges and successes.

Magazine Stack

Tips and Articles

Read our collection of articles written by child development experts, educators, and experienced parents. Our articles offer practical advice on a wide range of parenting topics, including managing screen time, encouraging outdoor play, and promoting healthy eating habits. Stay updated with the latest research and best practices in parenting.

How to Access Our Resources?

Most of our resources are available online for your convenience. Simply visit our Parent Resources page to browse and download materials. For workshops, support groups, and other events, check our events calendar and register in advance to secure your spot.


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