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Education Consultation & Coaching

The Early Childhood Resource Center (ECRC) can provide an approved Education Consultant to support the individual needs of programs.


The Office of Early Childhood (OEC) requires licensed child care programs to have an education consultant review policies and provide guidance to the program through the education perspective.

In addition, the ECRC can provide pedagogical and organization coaching.

OEC Approved Education Consultation

The Education Consultants can support programs with infant, toddler, preschool and school-age children. Consultants will adhere to OEC requirements and provide program specific support as needed.



Coaching can be provided to support educators and leaders with any aspect of early care and education.


OEC Approved Trainers

The ECRC has individuals that are approved to provide OEC trainings such as ELDS, DOTS, Core Knowledge & Competencies, & Pyramid Model.


Professional Development

Is your program looking for a trainer to provide professional development during your staff PD Days?

If so, contact the ECRC and we can provide your staff training on the following areas

*Family Engagement

*Challenging Behaviors

*Ages and Stages

*Cycle of Intentional Teaching


*And More!

Get in Touch

Email us at for your programs needs.

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